Marie Violeta


Psychology and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Gestalt Psychotherapy

Individual and Pair Therapy

Crisis situations, depression, phobias, anxieties, stress, personal growth


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Hatha Flow

Private, Group, Corporate events


 Dance Therapy

Expressive and Spontaneous dance

African dance with live music

Mgr. Marie Violeta Fialová

Psychologist, psychotherapist, yoga and dance teacher.

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, yoga and dance teacher. I have always been fascinated by the human inner world. It is a space, at first glance invisible, yet it is within us, it is where the most essential takes place – our experience of life.

The curiosity and desire to understand the principles of human behavior led me to study psychology. Dance brought me to yoga, yoga to psychotherapy, which took me back to dance. The circle has closed and I understood that the three components are much closer to each other than it seems, and that is thanks to their therapeutic effects. Dance brings joy, yoga tranquility and psychotherapy space to explore, express, understand and heal our inner processes. Each of them contributes in a unique way to the improvement of man’s relation to himself, to others and thus to life.

As part of my education in all of the three areas, I went to draw experience abroad, to near and far corners of the world. Being confronted with everyday reality and the values of other cultures brought me even closer to the human soul and its needs. It also strengthened my determination to be close to others and to accompany them when they decide to start to perceive and to follow their inner being.