Psychotherapy is suitable not only in difficult or life crisis situations, in fact it is eligible at any time as part of personal growth and development.

Many people believe that visiting a psychologist or undergoing therapy is a solution that one should only recourse to as a last resort, only when there is no other tangible solution. Some even consider it as weakness or failure. The opposite is true. Taking care of your inner world is as important as going to a doctor or a dentist. Psychotherapy can be beneficial to each of us by teaching us to connect with ourselves, to perceive our feelings, needs and to act in harmony with them. It helps us to uncover and understand old wounds, hidden causes of our behavior and feelings. The first shift occurs already by realising this, and it allows to find new solutions which bring greater balance in life and contentment.

It is natural that every person experiences problems, worries, conflicts in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes we are able to cope alone, sometimes things change without our contribution. However sometimes, although we try our best, we cannot find the right solution, we find no relief and the feeling of dissatisfaction culminates. At that moment, we should not hesitate to seek help. In this case, psychological counseling and psychotherapy offer support and relief both in difficult life situations and crises, but also in finding new solutions and possibilities. It enables to uncover and realize already unfunctional, yet years-old patterns of behavior, thinking and feeling, and to transform them into a new, more suitable and beneficial form.


  • I offer one-time consultations and also long-term therapy
  • I follow the principles of Gestalt therapy. This method works with the person as a whole. It deals with respective thoughts, emotions and body
  • I adhere to the code of ethics. All information that will be given to me during therapy is confidential
  • The consultation takes place in a pleasant and quiet environment
  • ONLINE sessions are available (Skype, Messenger, Whats App)
  • The consultation lasts 60 min
  • I will treat you with respect, patience and understanding


This form of therapy can be just as beneficial to the client as the classic face-to-face approach. It is suitable for almost anyone who is looking for emotional support, individuals and couples. Clients consider this form of therapy very attractive because of its convenience, flexibility and comfort. You can choose the communication method that fits you the best (Skype, Messenger, Whats App, Signal). Common issues that are treated online include stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, sleep issues, and substance abuse.


It offers a calm and trustworthy space where you can openly express your feelings and thoughts without fear and shame. Those emotions you don’t dare share with anyone else, sometimes you even hide them from yourself. Expressing emotions such as fear, guilt, sadness, feelings of helplessness or worthlessness alone brings relief. Then we can work together on their treatment. It is important to understand that curing does not mean that you will never feel sad again. We are still human beings who experience a wide range of emotions. You will learn however, to handle your emotions better, to be supportive of yourself so that they do not prevent you from feeling broader and deeper in peace and contentment.

I work with people who experience

  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • Depression, anxiety, phobias
  • Acute emotional crisis, feelings of helplessness, stagnation
  • Long-term personal, relationship problems in family and work
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Crisis associated with sexual orientation
  • Desire for change, personal growth


“We learn only from those we love.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

If your relationship is going through a crisis and you are willing to look at the causes, find a solution together, and work on the necessary changes, in this case couple therapy can be very helpful. In a safe environment, you will have space to express your needs, wishes, reservations, clarify your personal boundaries. The therapist’s impartial and non-judgmental view will bring a neutral point of view on your situation. This will help you understand how your communication works, what behaviour patterns are present in your relationship and how to find common ground.

The most frequent topics are

  • Communication problems, conflicts, frequent quarrels
  • Crisis, infidelity, estrangement, loss of trust
  • Sexual disagreements, taboo
  • Separation, divorce and subsequent shared custody
  • Disagreement in the division of responsibilities, unclear boundaries
  • Different views on raising children.

Current price list

Individual psychotherapy (60 min)

50,- €

Couple psychotherapy (90 min)

75- €


40,- €